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Does your business have social media sites? Do you know which ones are the most effective for your business? Are you tracking user engagements and ROI? If you didn’t answer “Yes” to these questions, you should read on…

Social Media MarketingWhat Social Media is Right for Your Business?

If you’re just getting started in social media or if you have a tighter budget, we’d recommend that you start with LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Facebook. Of course, every business is different, but in working with our clients we’ve found these three social sites tend to provide the greatest ROI. And customers are more likely to expect a small business has an active profile on these popular business platforms.

Social Media Marketing is a lot more than just asking people to “like” your business. A well-designed strategy is critical— you need a game plan and a list of goals or you’ll never achieve the ROI you expect. It’s also the reason you don’t want to outsource your social media management to those who lack business savvy. You may pay more for our expertise but we know how to work within your budget and still deliver results.

Local businesses need to embrace the relationship building advantage of social media. Local consumers are likely to be your most loyal customers who will be ambassadors of your brand and a significant share of your sales revenue. Growth Marketing is well-versed in how best to build online relationships and convert those to leads and sales. And we also apply our proven SEO skills and techniques to help drive new followers to your preferred social media platforms.

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