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Have you tried to Google your business or organization lately by entering the actual keywords that you think your prospective customers would use? It can be pretty revealing–even troubling. Read on below…

SEO & Google AdsWhere Do You Rank?

If your brand doesn’t appear in one of the top five positions on the first page of search results, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be generating significant search engine traffic to your website. Fact is 3 out of 4 Google users click on those top five positions. And less than 4% ever click beyond the first page of results.

Clearly, if you want to raise top of mind awareness of your business or organization and have prospective customers interacting with your website, Search Engine Optimization and/or Pay-Per-Click advertising must be part of your media mix. Growth Marketing has the talents, tools and techniques to organically optimize websites for search engine ranking, create effective lead generation campaigns using search engine pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and analyze website and search engine traffic reports to identify your biggest opportunities as well as threats from your competition.

We also excel at Local SEO and working with local websites to assure they’re optimized for searches conducted by consumers in their target geography. Growth Marketing knows what it takes to get your brand ranked at the top of search results pages and the Local 3 Pack/Map Pack blocks. We focus on local search traffic drivers like your Google My Business profile, local online directories and citations from other local businesses and organizations. SEO is a long-term commitment that requires the experience, know-how and commitment growth marketing applies to our clients’ brand.

If you’re thinking of designing a new website or maybe getting impatient with how long it’s taking for your organic search rankings to improve, Google Ads may be an effective alternative. Before you spend your first dollar on PPC, Growth Marketing carefully researches and estimates the local search traffic for the most commonly used keywords entered in a search query to find your business, products and services. Typically we can determine within just a couple months if PPC is a viable marketing channel for your business within the monthly budget you can afford for generating leads and sales.

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